Custom Patch Files

All of the following files should replace the ones found in your Ultima Online game install directory. If the file is an archive, extract all contained files and place them into your UO directory.

DLhues.mul (259kB) (Updated: 04/18/2018)
This file contains all of the colors you see in-game. Our shard has many new armor sets, clothing, weapons and other items that depend on our custom colors file.

DLanimations.rar (177MB) (Updated: 04/18/2018)
These files contain all of Ultima Online's animation sets. They are required in order to view our custom monsters, NPCs, rides, weapons, armor and other items.

DLCliloc.enu (3MB) (Updated: 04/18/2018)
This file contains many of the localized messages used by the game client and the server itself. We have made some changes to this file and the updated version is necessary for gameplay.

DLart.rar (41MB) (Updated: 04/25/2018)
This archive contains files required for the game to display new artwork such as armor, clothing, weapons and others.

DLmaps.rar (17MB) (Updated: 04/25/2018)
Our custom map files. These files hold the terrain and layout for all of our game maps. The static files contained in this archive allow you to view all of the buildings and towns that have been custom built.

DLother.rar (105kB) (Updated: 04/25/2018)
Other miscellaneous files required to view custom content