Gargoyle Poop

This is the main page for the Maximus & Apocalypse Experimental Ultima Online Shard

What the heck is with the Gargoyle Poop?

Don't worry, we wouldn't actually name an Ultima Online shard "Gargoyle Poop".... or would we? Nah, just kidding. It's a funny temporary name that stuck around for some reason, and of course we had to buy the domain. We haven't actually offically picked a name!

Current Status

live development

We are currently under heavy development. Our server is live and anyone is welcome to create an account but there won't be much to do at this point. There are currently no decorations or spawns. There will be constant server reboots and updates so actual gameplay won't be practical.

Shard Features

This is where we will brag about all our cool features.... right now, we're still working on this... but here are some of the custom features we WILL have:

In-Game Features

Website Features